Candis Smith


  • “ A Juried Affaire”, Affaire d’Art Fine Art Gallery, Galveston , TX, juried by Michael Golden
  • Visual Art Feast, Marquis Lofts, Houston, TX
  • Woodlands Art League, South County Exhibit, Woodlands Texas


  • “All Things Erotic”, JoMar Visions Art Gallery, Houston, TX
  • Woodlands Art League, Woodlands Art League Gallery, Woodlands Texas
  • “Go Figure: Invitational Juried Exhibition of Figurative Work, Archway Gallery, Houston, Texas
  • Hubbell and Hudson Landscape Exhibition (Woodlands Art League)
  • Archway Gallery 7th Annual Juried Exhibition, Houston, TX
  • Fall Juried Show, Conroe Art Gallery, Conroe , TX (Conroe Art League)


  • Represented by Creative Energy Art at local businesses in monthly exhibitions, Houston, TX
  • Brenham Art Gallery, Brenham , TX
  • Woodlands Art League, Woodlands Art League Gallery, Woodlands , TX
  • Visual Arts Alliance Invitational Juried Exhibition, The Silos of Sawyer, Houston, TX
  • Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX, " Día de los Muertos" Exhibition and Sale


  • Woodlands Art League, Woodlands Art League Gallery, Woodlands, Texas
  • "Here And Now" Exhibit, Harambee Art Gallery, Houston City Hall, Houston, TX
  • “Real and Surreal” Juried Exhibition, Juried by Carolyn Garcia, Carolyn Garcia Gallery, The Silos of Sawyer, Houston , TX.
  • “Interconnection” curated Exhibit, Curator, Lorena Morales, Silver Street Studios Gallery, Houston, TX


Candis has been fascinated with Fine Arts including Painting and Drawing all of her life.  She studied Fine Arts at the Newcomb College of Tulane University in New Orleans and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art.  She is currently enjoying a rebirth and has entered into a new phase after many turns in the road along her career path which took her in and out of Corporate America.  She is currently renewing her Fine Arts studies at the Glassell School of Art in Houston and the Chelsea Classical Studio in New York.  She has traveled extensively to see many works of Arts in such countries as France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.  She is particulary influenced by Monet and the Dutch Masters.  


Candis' artworks consist of paintings and drawings using multi-media such as acrylic and oils.  She is inspired by the rhythms and colors in nature and is also interested in studying the human figure and abstraction of flows.  She studies and draws from live models and nature scenes to gain inspiration and uses a series of sketches as a basis to design a painting.

She wants people to connect with the color, rhythms and flows in her artworks.  She creates a general theme or story which can be interpreted by the viewer in individual ways.  Her intent is to inspire viewers to either understand the story or create their own.  The colors are meant to express emotion with a primary use of muted colors with accents of intensity.  The areas of intensity are meant to invoke a connection or thought.

She finds inspiration in impressionistic works and from her surroundings. She begins with thin acrylic paint using energetic brushstrokes capturing the light and color from nature. She applies layers of acrylic glazes or oils. 

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